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Internet stores and marketers.

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The SSG responsibility to its vendors includes counseling in the areas of:​


  • Product and service development for direct response marketing, catalog, web retailers and TV Marketing.

  • Packaging for individual unit fulfillment.

  • Accessory ensemble for successful product offers.

  • Product pricing and special terms such as refurbishing and return privileges.

  • Forecasting to assure inventory availability.

  • Planning promotions, particularly web promotions, to maintain orderly marketplace.

  • Full coordination with the vendor on packaging, ensembles and inventory flow for selected products.

  • Assistance with copy and graphic design ideas.

  • Arrangement of order processing services, warehousing and fulfillment.

  • Strategic planning of promotions to attain maximum coverage.

  • Development of a Premium Incentive Network including regional rep coverage, management, fullfillment, etc.

  • SSG's clients include syndicators to oil, retail, and VISA/MC lists, travel and entertainment card lists, direct list owners, mail order catalogs, key premium wholesalers, web retailers, selected retail, and Television marketers. 

Sources of direct response merchandise and service distribution include:

Firms that specialize in creating and executing direct mail promotions through US and Canadian oil companies, banks, travel and entertainment companies and retailers

Thousands of catalog companies merchandise directly to their own lists.

TV Infomercial companies and TV merchandise shows.

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